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Chaba luxury hotel white pillowcase fabric cotton T320 5cm striped jacquard

  • Fabric Composition: T320- 100% white cotton pattern jacquard stripe 5cm
  • Fabric fiber material: 100% cotton yarn combed long, surface sateen coated
  • Yarn size 60SX40S
  • Weaving specifications: square weaving 130/190 density 320 seats / 2.54cm2
  • Fiber surface: combed against ruffled, scratched, using long cotton yarn
  • Maximum fabric width: 290cm / fabric weight 420grs / m2
  • Sewing specifications: sewing the mouth behind the padded face
  • Needle line: Sewing thread density 5 nose / 1cm
  • Elasticity ratio: 2-2.5% / 1 meter horizontal gauge after 15 washings
  •   Elasticity will be applied specifically by the manufacturer on each product
  • Fabric origin: Korea
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Conform to the European standard OEKO-TEX100 Standard
  • Conform to American standards: US AATCC
  • Warranty: standard washing mode
  • Warranty 100 times washing or 1 year